Star Wars Kessel Spice Mystery Box


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Star Wars fans, collectors, readers… This is the way! The Kessel Spice Mystery Box has a little bit of everything, including the Droids you have been looking for.  These boxes were assembled from a large acquisition of vintage Marvel and Dark Horse complete runs, and also can include new Marvel and IDW releases, ratio incentives, and store exclusives.

This box has a guaranteed Fair Market Value over $75, with many boxes up to $125! FMV derived from at the time of assembly

You’ve seen our prior boxes deliver value with keys and exclusives.  This price point guarantees a great value in each box.

All for only $60.00 Shipped!!

Sith Lords may enter the RULEof2 coupon code at checkout for $10 off a purchase of at least two boxes! 

Expect professional packaging and shipping, packaged securely in a comic shipper.

Because Spice from Kessel is extremely limited we recommend you order NOW, before we alter the deal!